Be Kind to Others

Be Kind To Others

I want to share my experience, being helped in the bad situation  by someone. That is my cousin's grandmother. When i was an elementary school, me and my mother went to my uncle's house. My father didn't come along with us because he is busy. We went there on school holiday. We were there for 3 days. I was very happy there because my uncle took me to the some interesting places (because he is on holiday too, so he was not very busy), my aunt and my cousin's grandmother cooked me some delicious foods, and my cousin usually played some video games with me if he had free time. 
In the afternoon on the second day there are only me, my mother, my cousin, and my cousin's granmother in the house .When i was playing video game with my cousin, my mother told me that she would go out to her friend's house, i think it's fine because i was playing with my cousin so id don't felt alone. I was very happy to played video game with my cousin. Suddenly m…



One day in a diecast exhibition...
Hafiz: "Good Afternoon!" Irgi   : "Good Afternoon!" Hafiz: "Hi, I'm Hafiz. What is your name?" Irgi   : "Hello, I'm Irgi." Hafiz: "What are you doing here?" Irgi   : "I'm looking for some N scale diecasts." Hafiz: "Oh we are same!" Hafiz: "Where are you from, Irgi?" Irgi   : "I'm from Jakarta, how about you?" Hafiz: "I'm from Bandung. Irgi, are you in a tenth grade?" Irgi   : "Yes, i'm a tenth grader. I'm turning 15 years old this year,  How old are you?" Hafiz: " I'm 15 years old too. I'm a tenth grader too." Irgi   : "It's nice to meet you!" Hafiz: "Nice to meet you too!"

About Me


My name is Hafiz Rifanda Yozarno, you can call me Hafiz. I am 15 years old student from Bandung. I was born on 15th June 2002 in Bandung City, West Java, Indonesia. Now I'm in X MIPA 3 Three Junior High School Bandung. I live in Labuan St. number 57, Bandung City. I live there since i was born. i don't have any sibling, i'm the only one child in my family. I live with my father and my mother.
I don't have a lots of hobbies, my hobbies are only draw some car drawings and play computer games. When i have some free time, i usually play some computer games, but i never play computer games if i don't have free time. I also draw some car drawings if i have a free time. I don't like reading and writing.
I don't have many favourite food, my only favourite food is fried rice because it's cheap and easy to get, but it doesn't mean that i don't like the other food. My favourite subject is art because i like to draw and drawing is very interesting a…